Should you use a Realtor when buying a new construction home? ABSOLUTELY, YES!!!

One of the biggest misconceptions is when you’re buying a new build home just go directly to the builder’s sales office and speak with them. While you can certainly do that, you have to remember their sales reps work for them so who’s interest are they looking out for? I’ve been able to get my clients thousands of dollars in additional incentives, upgrades, bonuses, etc over the years that the builder would have not given.

If you’re worried it’ll cost you more to have a Realtor or you’ll pay for the additional incentives some other way, NOT TRUE!!! The builder will pay for your Realtor out of their (usually substantial) profit as you’re entitled to have a representative looking out for only YOUR interest.

The builder’s rep won’t tell you the sales prices is usually negotiable, they can give you various incentives and bonuses, they can offer closing cost credits. The less they give away the more they make so they won’t help you unless you push them to. That’s where your Realtor goes to work for you.

While builder's would like you to believe you don't need a Realtor to buy a new home or that you'll get a better deal without an agent since they can pass on the commission savings to the consumer, it’s simply not true.


The truth is you'll typically get a much better deal when you have an agent outside of the builder representing you since they tend to know the specifics such as incentives and promotions which may not be common knowledge to the general public. Also, the builder's actually prefer to work with agents as it gives them a chance to show how awesome their homes are so the agents brings more buyers.


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About the author:

Suki Sodhi has been a Realtor for over 22 years and runs a leading real estate group in the greater Las Vegas/Henderson area. His group and his efforts have resulted in over 1,500 homes sold over the past 10 years. While he runs a successful real estate business, his true passion lies in empowering and educating clients in the home buying and selling process. Suki also speaks nationally to fellow real estate agents on helping them improve their businesses as well as to clients to help them navigate through the home buying and selling process.

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